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Max Volovik / Russie / 2018 / Documentaire / 16'22

[Résumé anglais] We explore the process of three actresses going through rehearsals and acting in 3 major Moscow Theatres.

3 Anos Depois

Marco Amaral / Portugal / 2018 / Fiction / 13'00

[Résumé anglais] A woman returns. Now that the night has fallen, a storm is approaching.

3 Atados

Kevin Zayat / Argentine / 2018 / Fiction / 25'54

[Résumé anglais] Four young people in the 80's in Argentina who are chosen to go for military service. They gather in a car all night to smoke cigarettes and avoid going to war.

3 Dreams of Horses

Mike Hoolboom / Canada / 2018 / Expérimental / 06'20

Un triptyque dans lequel la figure du cheval soulève une réflexion sur les divers archétypes de cet animal en tant que symbole, sa qualité d’animal domestique soumis à la volonté de l’homme et son pouvoir abstrait en tant qu'esprit.

3 Kilometers to the Destination

Maayan Amzallag , Alon Levy / Israel / 2017 / Fiction / 05'40

[Résumé anglais] Yoav decides to make a change in his life and sets a new goal- running along the beach sidewalk. Midway through, Yoav realizes the goal he has set is too difficult. His plans to walk home take an unexpected turn when he meets a...

3 Pies

Giselle Geney / Colombie / 2018 / Fiction / 14'00

[Résumé anglais] The adventurous journey of Gonzalo, an imaginative and tenacious kid who faces the most important and difficult task of his life: getting to school with clean shoes to prevent losing his best friend (his football) before the end of...

3 Siblings

Sheena Rossiter / Brésil, Canada / 2018 / Documentaire / 22'20

[Résumé anglais] Three siblings with different gender identities and sexual orientations bring us into their world during São Paulo's LGBT Pride Month. We learn about their relationships with each other, and how they work to overcome rampant...

3 Stolen Cameras

Filmmakers Collective / Suède, Sahara Occidental / 2017 / Documentaire / 17'00

[Résumé anglais] The members of video activist group Equipe Media, from occupied Western Sahara, fight to keep their cameras. This is a story about breaking an absolute censorship with unique footage from an area where the Moroccan authorities have...


Constantinos Patsalides / Chypre / 2018 / Fiction / 15'00

Chypre,1974. Maria est à la recherche d’information concernant son fils qui se trouve sur le champ de bataille. Un terrible revirement de situation va changer le cours de sa vie.

30 Amper

Michal Kubicek / Rép. Tchèque / 2018 / Animation / 13'45

[Résumé anglais] The viewer follows the hero in a ruined dead world as he searches for a certain something. After battles with strange monsters he finally finds the desired object, which leads to a surprising outcome.

7202 films / 721 pages